Charm rooms

Elegance & welcoming atmosphere
Capacity: 2 persons
Bedding: Double or twin bed
Surface: 20 - 30 m²

Our charming rooms are equipped with spacious showers or lovely bathtubs, balconies or attic spaces – each one unique in its own way!

“Rose” features romantic Jouy fabric, “Glycine” boasts a small balcony nestled between two sloping ceilings, “Bleuet” is a duplex attic room with exposed beams and a skylight offering a breathtaking view of the Seine, while “Mandarine” exudes its own unique charm.

So, which room inspires you the most?

Indulge in a peaceful retreat within the warm atmosphere of Moulin de Connelles, where you can relax and unwind.

Caractéristiques de la chambre

Double or twin bed

Shower or bath


Free Wi-Fi

Flat-screen TV

Seine or hill view

Room rates start from 160 €

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